The story behind the alleged bisexual issue with Nollywood actor, is not far from over as more revelations are beginning to emerge from the side partner of the actor, Steven Ugochukwu Nelson Onyebuchi, who is currently being trailed by security agencies both within and outside the country.Read It HERE if you missed it With the information getting to from Steven Ugochukwu, states that that Yul Edochie might have been lying to the media over the issue. Ugochukwu, with more revelations, noted that they were actually partners without the actor’s family knowing. Steven revealed to Nigeriafilms,comthat he had warned the actor not to reveal their secret but he went ahead to do that which is why he has come out to openly say the truth about what transpired between them. He also stated that he has audio recordings of himself and the actor to backup his claims. Steven Ugochukwu explained to Nigeriafillms.comthat he has been with the actor for about a year but when he (Edochie) had failed to comply with an earlier request and going as far as not picking his call anymore, he felt the need to come out of the closet. He emphasized that he had no deal with any visa agent as alledged by Yul and that he got hold of the documents directly from the actor. Stating that Yul was the one that made advances towards him and not as widely reported. According to him, “Like Yul Edochie said he gave his documents to an agent, that’s a big fat lie. Why didn’t I deal with the agent but I have tons of emails I and the wife sent to each other. We were sending emails to each other because he is always busy and won’t be able to gather the documents.” “DUDE CAN LIE A LOT. IN D CLOSET HE IS WORRIED ABT THE DOCUMENTS AM POSTING ONLINE. TELLING MY AUNTS THAT I SHOULD REMOVE IT. HER ELDER SISTER NOW FU*K*N MAKING HOUSE UNBEARABLE FOR HIM,” he wrote publicly. © 2015 All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed without the express written consent of the publisher © 2015 your social media marketing partner