It's no longer news that ?Swanky Jerry and Caroline Danujma's are BFF but it seems the award wining stylist may have broken the BFF rule by spending time with ex-actress's arch-rivals, the Matharoo sisters – Kiran and Jyoti, one of whom is rumoured to be dating Caroline’s husband, Musa Danjuma. It's really very surprising when the celebrity stylist Swanky Jerry, was caught grooving and partying with the Matharoo sisters some nights ago. Jyoti Matharoo snapchatted the experience and in the clip, the celebrity stylist was captured in an intimate dance with Kiran Matharoo. READ ALSO: HOW CAROLINE DANJUMA'S HUSBAND ALLEGED SNATCHERS GOT GREETED BY KARMA People are wondering if there's a score to settle between Swanky Jerry and Caroline Danjuma. Anybody with any idea? your social media marketing partner