Ex-soldier and creator of Fuji music, Alhaji (Dr) Sikiru Olayinka Ololade Ayinde, popularly called Barrister or Alhaji Agba, filtered into town on Thursday, 16 December, 2010, He pioneered the genre and credited for popularizing the Fuji music genre. He died at the age of 62. After his death, report of delayed burial hit the press, we understands that it was wholly due to inability to fly the corpse from the UK as a result of unfavourable weather conditions. Islamic rites demand that he be buried on the same day he died but he was buried on the 30th of December. The Late Fuji music pioneer also asked that he be buried where he dies but this did not happen as his family insisted that his corpse should be buried ‘where he was a national figure.’ Though one of his sons pushed for his father’s dying wish to be respected. We also gathers that the family remains indebted to K1 De ultimate and Alhaji Buhari Olot0 – a socialite and huge listener/fan of his music. K1 is reported to have donate over a million naira including paying for his burial tomb while Ebenezer Obey donated the sum of N500,000. K1, largely had all he suggested or gave a word in for was done. He insisted that the corpse of the musician be buried in his living room and a chamber called Fuji chamber was created to shelter the corpse in the room – would apparently serve as a tourist site too. There was also the rumour of the musician dying broke as his properties were sold to foot his medical bills. Adewale Ayuba was absent at the burial because he had been booked for an engagement in the US earlier but He was said to have been spotted with the family as they waited for the corpse on the first day before it was delayed. There was a brawl between two music marketers – Bayowa Films and records boss and Lati Alagbada. Lati, being his age long marketer was given rights to record every proceeding before and after the burial for probable commercial use but Bayowa arrived with a cameraman – who he claimed would be covering for Lagos Television but on request for the cameraman’s ID, he was unable to provide one and a fight ensued between the marketers. Barrister was also looking forward to giving his daughters’ hands out in marriage
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