She has been accused of being fetish. She has been described as not too intelligent, not smart, lazy and slow to solving puzzles. She has been labeled as quarrelsome and difficult and has narrowly escaped eviction twice thus throwing her in not very bright light. And all this is happening in such a short time. However, like the comeback kid, it would seem that this Edo State babe thrives on controversy and is beginning to set the pace on Guilder Ultimate Search 7. Enter the world of Mercy Itohan, GUS 7’s most controversial housemates. It was obvious she had a chip on her shoulder ab-initio. TV viewers remember the quarrels she picked with housemates when the show opened penultimate week. This culminated in a situation where she became public enemy number one and housemates wouldn’t touch her with a 10-foot pole. She became the butt of jokes as housemates ganged up against her. The climax was when she ate humble pie by cooking and washing for all the housemates. Anyway, that was then. The new Itohan is being courted by all housemates. Even a mock wedding was held between her and another housemate as her colleagues warmed up to her last week and the reasons are not far-fetched. She has bounced back and is calling the shots following her miraculous escape from eviction again last week the third time in two weeks. And the enfant terrible displayed a new confidence when she declared that she did not give a damn about what her fellow housemates thought of her. Meanwhile, all those that picked on her are beginning to smile on the other side of their faces. Where is Strongface, where is Saidat? Faced with these facts, an obviously exasperated Kunle is alleged to have declared that she was using African jazz, a charge he later denied making. The roof almost came down when Kunle, in a move to deny the African jazz allegation openly declared, his voice rising a few decibels,’ Didn’t you have issues with Strongface? Where is he today?’ For the records, Strongface made history when he emerged the first housemate to be evicted penultimate week. For the records again, Saidat, another victim, had declared her dislike for Mercy and got evicted! The belief in camp now is that anyone evicted so far either crossed her path or stepped on her toes. On her part, Mercy is not helping matters as she has remained aloof and arrogant and guess what, a new trend is emerging. The housemates are beginning to accord her some respect and the fear of Mercy is fast becoming the beginning of wisdom in the GUS 7 camp. Though she might not emerge winner but whether we like it or not, this young woman has brought suspense and intrigue to the house and made this year’s edition exciting. Itohan, whose next? your social media marketing partner