Star actress,Ebube Nwagbo is one movie star currently embattled and the reason isn’t far fetched.The pretty Nollywood actress has recently fallen victim of a hacker,a development that has become rampant of recent.It’s no longer news that impostors try to take advantage of popular stars to either defraud unsuspecting fans or for several other reasons. It was gathered that such culprits operate by opening a fresh account with the actor or actress identification,making people believe the account is truly owned by such artiste and then later start asking for aids and money by setting up an NGO in the same account claiming to be the artist and then soliciting for funds. Not a few stars have fallen victims of such ill act and many have also had to close down their face books accounts as a result of this. However,these fraudsters have taken their craft to the use of Blackberry and their modus operandi is quite simple.They open a BB LD with their targets name or nick name and picture and start adding unsuspecting fans claiming to be the real artiste. A lot of stars have also fallen prey to this latest scam but the worst hit at the moment is star actress,Ebube Nwagbo. It was gathered that a certain lady that bears a Blackberry I.D Posh Ebube which is similar to the actress BB ID has been going around town adding people and claiming to be the real Ebube.And what makes matter worse is that the impostor is also taking advantage of the fact that the actress owns an expensive hair line to dupe people of money promising to deliver hair to them after they have paid into a certain account number she gives them,only for the buyers not to get any delivery despite having paid. According to the screen diva,she revealed that her attention was called to it when people started accosting her at social gatherings to either ask her why she deleted them or why she failed to deliver the goods as promised.At first she simply waved it off as mere coincidence until a particular ugly situation that caused her so much embarrassment led her into investigating the matter. At first a friend told me about it that she heard there is some girl who fakes to be me and tells people she sells hair and clothes,there was also a case of somebody accusing me of telling her to pay money into an account to come to Abuja for some party.She said she met the Ebube in a group on bbm and also reported the case to some of my colleagues,I simply told them its not me until I met some girl again at an event who came up to me and was really furious about why I asked her to pay money and didn’t bother about delivering the hair,rather I went ahead to delete her from my BB,I was really shocked because I had never had such transaction nor met the girl before. Please people shouldn’t pay into any account for hair because they are instructed to do by this impostor because she is a fraudster” says the actress when we put a call across to her to speak about the issue. She further gave out the fraudster’s pin as 22d27a3c.That makes the sultry actress the second victim of the BB scam,following another actress.Rukky Sanda,who cried fowl few months back over same issue. your social media marketing partner