My-oh-my ! Nollywood will never get tired of churning out incredible but true stories. The newest one that just landed on our laps has to do with a star actress and her movie producer lover. Both of them had gone on a love tryst to the Canaanland of Calabar in Cross River State.This was on the set of the slim movie producer who hails from Delta State. A chronic womanizer,the man had camped the actress who has a baby(Out of Wedlock) in one of the hotels.No ! They were sharing a room. Firing non –stop after everyday’s production,news soon got to the man’s wife in Lagos and without thinking about it twice,she flew down to Calabar where all hell was let loose. Arriving very early in the morning and taking her husband and his lover unawares,she was on the verge of bringing down the roof of the hotel when some of her husband’s production hands aided the actress to escape through the window.But to achieve this,they first took out the room’s air conditioner from behind,and from that outlet,the actress eventually freed herself and was immediately ferried back to Lagos by one of the producer’s boys in his car. Dark skinned and of average height,the actress’ first name begins with the seventh alphabet.From the Eastern part of the country,her lover is a father of three,a tacky dresser,but one of the best hands we have around in that sector. Madly in love with computer et al, his wife is also into showbiz; with their marriage very, very turbulent. Even well before the shameful incident. Refusing obstinately to return to Lagos after the actress had escaped,a respected woman of God who is also into movies and based in Calabar had to be invited to talk the now distraught wife into leaving. She,however,first followed the preacher to her house where she was pacified, counseled and ultimately appeased. But back in Lagos,she would neither let her husband nor the actress be. Things kept deteriorating until the camel’s back was finally broken. Now all by herself and giving her all to God,ala being born again,many are still talking about the foolishness and otherwise of her action. Although her husband seems to care less as he is still frolicking with his numerous other women. your social media marketing partner