With disgust, I watched the alleged s*x scandal of the executive governor of Edo State, Comrade Adams Oshiomole online and I must confess that the situation in Edo State at the moment has generated to something else and it's obvious that it's a do or die affair. The said picture, close look at it, is a photoshop thing, it's so obvious. In fact, Oshiomole doesn't have to come out to state his own side of the story, the head used in the nasty picture is twice as small as the body structure. Recently, you have witnessed so many sad tales of killing, maiming and harassment from unknown quarters on the lives of gov Oshiomole and his aides, you will also agree with me that the people behind these woes will not stop at nothing to discredit the good name of the amiable personality whose re-election has been endorsed by the people of Edo State and virtually all the monarch and paramount rulers of the state. I'm not related to Adams Oshiomole neither am I from Edo State or belong to any party but I'm expressing my grievance over the incessant killing and ungodly and 'Boko Haramious' manner the people are using to play politics. People should know that, no permanent enemy or friend in politics. Even the even the seats are not permanent, why do we have to kill one another over a position that is just temporary? Politics is really not a do or die thing. God is watching us all! Click the link below to go to... Edo State Politics Turns Messy As Purported Unclad Picture Of Governor Leaks About Edo State Unclad Picture; Political Sabotage? Politics with Bitterness, Gunmen shot Adams Oshiomole's Private Secretary
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