One of the hottest stories making rounds in Nollywood is the 8 months pregnancy of dark skin and highly endowed up and coming actress Rita. As you are reading this page,the pregnancy carried by this new actress has gradually turned to an expensive item because of the people involved in it. Late last year,this actress who has featured in actor cum producer Frank Dallas productions,emerged on the scene with top actor and director Fred Amata.She was always seen together with Fred and spearhead every activities revolving around his campaign,during the time Fred ran for the Directors’ Guild of Nigeria election. She was so active that a lot of people who sighted them together at various spots around Surulere,Lagos concluded that they were dating each other.Many pointed candidly that Mr. Amata has gotten a live in lover,as the Delta State born actress was living in the same house with Fred at that moment. But it was later disclosed that Fred is her first cousin who was just trying to assist her till she gets a place of her own. They were said to have lived together in his Surulere apartment for many months before she got a new place in Lekki and moved. On moving to Lekki,sources revealed to us that she coincidentally became a neighbor to a top actor cum producer who has already known her with Fred Amata. We were reliably informed that one thing led to another late last year and the actor kicked off serious romantic relationship with Ms. Rita. The affair lasted for a few months before the actress who was said to be the second Mercy Johnson of Nollywood in terms of endowment took up the nine months course. It was reliably informed that at first Ms. Rita did not know who to hook her pregnancy on,as she was dating more than one man at the same time. First,she allegedly bundled the joyful package to her boss a Rivers State born light complexion politician,who rejected it and insisted that she must present a DNA test that will prove his paternity to the child. On second thought,she brought back the pregnancy to movie industry and presented it to the actor who after giving thought to his many years of childlessness,accepted responsibility of the unborn child but informed Ms. Rita that he is already married. However,before the actor will blink an eye his wife has already gotten hint of the flying gossip and accepted the pregnancy too.Subsequently,the source continued that at the time when Rita who will put to bed any moment from now was a few months gone,the wife was blessed by God and she became pregnant after many years of expecting her own child. Now,we hear that she allegedly gave her husband a serious condition concerning Ms. Rita’s pregnancy,insisting that she will only accept the unborn child in one ground and that is if Ms. Rita will be able to present DNA test that proves her husband is the father of her child when it is born. Want to know the actor?stay with us always Click the link below to go to... Uche Jumbo Weds Kenney Rodriguez Today, May 16 Funke Akindele Marries May 26 Cameroonian Artistes Gang-Up Against P-Square, MTN REVEALED: Uche Jumbo's Husband, Kenney Rodriguez? your social media marketing partner