Nollywood is fond of using actors and dumping them.I knew this from day one.I said to myself that I’m not going to allow them to use and dump me.So,I always call the shots.I have other things I do aside acting.

From day one that I stepped in Nollywood,it has never been about Nollywood alone.I do other things.I don’t allow myself to be over used.I don’t give room for that.

So they’ve not used and dumped me.

I’ve never liked the idea of using the same faces over and over and when new ones come on board then they dump them.But that has not affected me because I have not put myself in that situation.

I got fed up with the same old thing.I guess the scripts were not challenging enough because they were just recycling stories,man meets woman,woman meets man,father in-law fights daughter in-law,daughter in-law fights mother in-law,and all that.

The same old stories.If you’ve followed my career from the very beginning,you will see that I’m not into volume but quality.I don’t follow the bandwagon.

I don’t have a problem with Nigerian producers collaborating with the Ghanaian movie industry at all;afterall they are our neighbours.But greed made my people abandon the fees they’re supposed to pay here,cutting cost took them out of here and now they have gone to develop another movie industry.

I’ve always said it,that it is not about volume,at least you can speak for Ghana movie industry too that it is not about volume,it’s about quality.Now,look at what quality is earning them in the AMAA Awards.

I’m not surprised even at the last AMAA Awards,I understand that a similar thing happened,so what is the noise about Nollywood at the end of the day.You see this is what is going to happen if we are not careful,Nollywood will be history in this country.