If you’re hard working and you’re successful,you will like to go and take a rest.And besides,a lot of us have a lot of work we do there.

For instance,I go abroad to anchor ceremonies,I do MC job for few select people.At times,I travel to rest, meet with my family and friends.Then relax.

I don’t see any evil in travelling abroad and taking a rest.At times,we go abroad for awards and so on.With common sense,you could reason that we are too busy,to leave this country for abroad just for what’s not worth it.

A lot of things have been written about me that for God’s sake I didn’t know where they got them.

For every rumour,let there be some elements of truth.It is the impression people get from the media,that is what they keep spreading.I am not boasting,in a month,I take three or four jobs and the minimum I would make is N500,000.

But if I don’t see any money at all,I will make minimum of N300,000.Then,whenever I produce my own movie,I make millions.

Now,tell me how will I now board a flight abroad to prostitute. Over how much?