you can’t pressure an African man into marriage because if it’s that easy to pressure a man, all these ladies that are claiming to be single won’t be single.

A man that doesn’t want to settle down cannot be forced, and I’m sorry to say, a baby does not keep a man, you cannot force a man to do what he doesn’t want to do.

Let me tell you something, I read a lot of different things, everything, and honestly I just refuse to believe hearsays no more. It’s just none of my business.

If he has kids out there and he feels he needs to give me that information, he will in his own time.

I don’t think we were having issues per say. Our situation is very hard to talk about.

I believe everything happens for a reason

I love myself and I love my son.

I’m a simple person, I don’t hold grudges, so you cannot expect me to beef somebody I have a child for. It’s not possible. He’s part of my son (Zion).

I can’t hate him, because if I hate him, I hate my child.