As of late, 2 of the greatest female African music stars in Nigeria & Africa, Yemi Alade and Tiwa Savage, seemed to have a battle on the internet over the size of their behind. The artists are not known to be companions, which maybe made fans to label them as competitor.

In any case, Alade’s long-lasting director, Taiye Aliu, said there was no contention between the 2 vocalists. He stated, “We are focused solely on music; we have no time for rivalry or anything of that sort. The sky is so big for everyone to fly. Do you think there is a rivalry between Femi Otedola and Aliko Dangote? Yemi Alade doesn’t consider Tiwa Savage a rival.”

Attesting that 2018 was an astonishing year for Alade as she had the chance to take her music to new places over the world, Aliu stated, “The main thing is to put in more work; it is never enough. As an artiste, you will dependably need to have more effect on your locale and the world. At the present time, Yemi Alade isn’t only a Nigerian however an African represetative as well.”

Aliu additionally stated that Yemi Alade never thought about reactions of her music literally, saying that “all she does is to work harder.”