Comedian Alibaba has revealed the challenges he faced being the MC at the wedding between Fatima Dangote and Jamilu Abubakar. Alibaba narrated how the bodyguards of the notable Nigerians made it difficult for people to even catch a glimpse of them.

He also spoke of how attention seekers who tried to come close to the elite guests were blocking other guests who were viewing the stage.

Comedian Alibaba wrote on Instagram:

”The challenges of being an MC at a state function, grand wedding, corporate gathering and international event can be daunting. After dealing with protocol, then comes the issues of timing and duration. But the very intricate matter of crowd control can be the most daunting, even for the most composed of all experienced MCees.

The #Dangotes and #Abubakars wedding was all of those challenges and more. There seems to be a long journey to achieving the seeming decorum; the type state functions in the West are known for. I have been an MC, 27 years of my 30yrs in entertainment. And learnt the hard way from @BisiOlotailo, #IkennaNdagobo, #RalphOkpara, #PatricDoyle, @IraborSoni and the other greats. The truth is, being a comedian would give you the weaponry to mop up boredom but not enough to steer the programme at decorum defying guests.

The job of an MC can be tasking at such events. How do you control VVVIP attention seekers who get high on photo opportunities? What do you say to make such a person who believes standing right in from of the table that has the Vice President, Senate President, 3 visiting Presidents, First lady, 2 former Nigerian Presidents, 2 former Vice Presidents, Emir of Kano… is totally unacceptable? Where do you start from in making these attention mongers know that carrying on a conversation right in front of a stage, or around the Premium Presidential table, while blocking the view of all other guests and obstructing the line of sight of cameramen is a no no? And the MC begged, repeated same announcements, SEVERALLY… Yet, as some people move away, new at’s of attention seekers position themselves again.

The security aides are even worse. Who is coming into a hall with such high profile guests to come and harm their principal officers? These aides will stand like CRonaldo is taking a goal bound free-kick. Thereby blocking everyone. I have tolerated these people shaaaaa. I couldn’t hold back at the #DangotesAbubakars wedding reception. What nonsense.

Those who even have aides were not as rich as @BillGates. Can you imagine if Bill were to have security, going by bank balance, no one would have caught a glimpse of him…”.