Change of national anthem is unnecessary – Chinwetalu Agu

Veteran Nollywood actor, Chinwetalu Agu, has joined the league of entertainers in the country that queried the motive of the Federal Government for changing the national anthem.

The actor described it as a misplaced priority in a video posted on X, asking how changing the national anthem would reduce the high price of food items in the market.

As seen in the video, Agu sang the previous national anthem and proceeded to sing the new anthem after which he said, “This is what its called misplacement of priorities. Change of national anthem, what has it got to do with increase in price of rice, a litre of fuel, a bag of garri, a tuber of yam?”

He exclaimed, “National anthem is now a palliative, Nigeria na better cruise.

“The small national anthem we dey manage, e reach your turn, you change am, why?”

Agu, who pointed out that people were dying, wondered why the government channeled energy into changing the national anthem.

“Are we going to eat the national anthem?”, he asked.