Nigerian singer, Charlyboy has blasted Nigerian Youths for being so dumb Ignorant, Foolish and Lazy and for not rising to the occasion.

The singer cum TV personality described the youths as silly, lazy an ignorant. 

Charlyboy who is not happy with the situation of things in the country especially how politicians have hijacked the future of the upcoming youths that are supposed to take over the affairs of the country.

“I swear to you silly, ignorant, foolish and lazy Nigerian youths. If you don’t do something quick by showing your frustration and vexation with this our yahoo yahoo leaders, una go chop sand by next year. Nothing will ever get better until you start to fucking standup for you kidnapped future. Na una sabi,’ he said.

He made this statement in order to spur the youths to action and for them to take charge of the leadership of the country from leaders who he described as ‘Yahoo leaders’.