Kunle Afolayan

A lot of men would shy away from doing some designated feminine duty like pounding yam, but not with the ace Nollywood Director Kunle Afolayan who went all the way pounding yam for his guests.

Pounded Yam being one of the Nigerian fufu recipes can be eaten with various kinds of soups.Like Okra, egusi ,efo, white soup and so on.

To prepare pounded yam from scratch, you simply cook white yam and pound the yam pieces with a mortar and pestle when done. It may not be easy as it sounds because it saps a lot of strength especially for those who are not really conversant with it.

The Nollywood producer has decided to go through the rigors of preparing the dish as he pounds yam for his guest at his residence.

I am sure the wife,Tolu will be very glad to have such a husband who is multi tasked. Ladies will wish men will continue to emulate Kunle Afolanyan and Matthew Ekeinde the husband of veteran actress Omotola Ekeinde.