His name is MC Galaxy. The Sekem master doesn’t act like the same person whose N25million is frozen in the MMM ‘deep freezer’ as he would have us all believe in his instagram post a week ago.

While news of his unsubstantiated claim went viral, Galaxy was busy maximizing the hype, using it to promote his Shupe song and dance.

Today, the hype and efforts have eventually paid off with the Cross Rivers state government adopting it as the official anthem for the world famous Calabar Carnival in a multi-million naira deal.

Now, who got paid? MC Galaxy.

While MC Galaxy may have us believe he has been hit by the infamous MMM freeze, those who know understand his endgame. Prior to his wailing about MMM, the collective amount he has given out for winnings in the #shupedancecompetition is N300,000. Now, after the Calabar Carnival deal, the winner alone is to walk away with a whooping N1million naira. Now, that’s how to make the most of a seemly bad situation.

After the Calabar Carnival deal, MC Galaxy is certainly not waiting on MMM’s January hope line. Celeb Police can tell you that.