The beautiful tall actress Yvonne Nelson some minutes ago posted a picture of her looking as ravishing as ever. The brilliant laughter on her face is the best you can ever see on her face.


She dressed gorgeously in a netty short gown, a brown top and a brown bag to match. Check out her stiletto shoes… something caught our eye, a bit of cleavages!

Yvonne smiled so happily and it got people gaping and wondering at her outlook. They sent her lovely comments which she devoted her time to liking in return.

Something you never know about the actress could be her help to people and patients which she says she does in low …but… what was up with her slamming a fan that was asking for her help financially? Maybe he got her at the wrong time. She directed the fan to Nicki Minaj who was at that time also rendering charity services to people. Lol.