Veteran in the game of music before she decided to step aside several years back, Chibuzo Mercy-Idowu better known as Chichi of Africa, who is now into events management and fashion, has been able to build an empire for herself while watching the industry she left some years back grow.

She is one that cannot be easily caught unawares which is why she does not make headlines like others but she has been doing well for herself as she is everywhere like she best describes herself to people.

Chichi is one that supports good things and is always ready to support the Nigerian entertainment industry but with the way things turn out for some people like Toyin Aimakhu, she was left in shock on how people accept others.

Chichi does not pry into people’s issue but for Toyin whose image was nearly tarnished some months back, spoke out that she has never met the actress in person but she has come to see that she is one person with a large heart for coming out to help solicit for help for late ailing Mayowa.

According to Chichi, “Usually don’t do this, but it is necessary. I have never met Aimakhu Toyin in person, but it is obvious that she is 1 with a large heart who will go out of her way to help someone she has never met. What she did for Mayowa is exemplary. God bless you tremendously Aimakhu Toyin and give you helpers in your time of need.”