Chika Ike is happily married she said so herself in an interview, sometime in 2007. She is beautiful oooo. But is she more beautiful than Ini Edo or more beautiful than Geni-v? which of them tear eye pass.Who fine pass tooo.Make una talk oooo.Lets leave ink, abi na Ini out of this.Ini Edo doesn’t really have a good dress sense .She wears rather cheap stuff, neither is her makeup anything to write home about.Ini tear eye.Her eye too shine. Its just that Ini get pretty face and she sabi expose her body well well.

But chika ike make-up is not that o.k. I don’t think she use any make up artiste. You should see her on the cover of magazines.

But na true say her dressing dey a bit outdated? Any how shaaa her eyes no open reach Genevieve Nnaji ,Ini and Rita Dominic own. Genevieve and Rita tear eye like madness .What do you think? Chika carry go,na your turn bi dis.