Women are generally expected to be homely, cook, hardworking and submissive to their spouse whenever and however. Cooking is one important feature of a good wife as such many girls take this part of their life seriously.

Nollywood actress Chika Ike shocked her fans when she posted a picture of herself doing a grocery shopping by herself and captioned it “My Chef is on leave, I had to do the grocery shopping. I am making dinner now. Who wants to help????”

Her fans who she expected to volunteer to help, blasted her and asked her what she uses a chef for and why she can’t cook herself. The pretty actress who divorced her husband few years ago received a lot of controversial comments because of her caption, while some thinks there is nothing bad in trying to get help when one is very busy and have a tight schedule.

The question that comes to people’s mind is that does a big girl cook? They feel they have the money and don’t have time to do the kitchen stuffs anymore as they were trained while growing up. What do you think?