Ginja master, Terry G to some extent cannot be attributed to any brand endorsement for now but with his musical creativity, the singer is quietly making name for himself both in the showbiz industry and as an entrepreneur.

In a recent interview with a popular daily, the singer explained that his motive for delving into sachet water business is because water is a long term business and is needed by everyone.

He stated that unlike his colleagues that invest their hard earn money into fashion, he prefers to invest his in what would yield returns for him as it is what he will fall back on later in life.

In his words, “I feel water has no enemy and it is a long term business. I worked so hard for my money and I would not want to venture into a business that would collapse. It is something I plan to fall back on later in life. I thank God for my partner, my girlfriend and the mother of my son, who brought up the idea. I still have other businesses in mind like opening a bakery and running an orphanage as well.”

Emphasizing on his orphanage intentions, the singer noted that the rate of abandoned children in the country was alarming and as such, would like to give the children a better life and they will have to bear his surname.

“It is because I want to focus on abandoned children. Often times, we see new born babies dumped along the road side or on a refuse dump because their mothers could not take care of them. I want to take care of such children and they would bear my surname,” he said.