Chioma started dating me when I had no wealth, fame – Davido

Afrobeats singer, David Adeleke, aka Davido, shocked a large number of his fans with the revelation that he met his wife, Chioma, before he became rich.

Against the typical belief that the duo met after Davido’s debut to the limelight, the singer in a video shared on X by Dami Adenuga, confirmed that wealth and fame would have hindered him from entering a relationship if he had not met his wife, Chioma.

He said, “I have a friend, he is like single, anytime I am on the phone with my wife, he would say he has everything in the world, but a wife is what he is missing.

“I met my wife before I had money, but I was telling myself if I didn’t meet her before then and now I am single, and I meet a girl, it wouldn’t be the same. I would feel the lady is talking to me because I am Davido and I have money.

“My own success is when I am doing something, and I see everybody around me. All these people around me were there when I was nothing and they see me now, that is a sweet thing to me.

“Whether they are awards, or concerts or when I bought my first Rolls Royce, I went there with my cousin like back then we used to talk about how we will buy this and that is the feelings. It’s not like when you blow up and start hanging out with different people. You need to keep the people who were there with you since grinding.”