The story of Nollywood actress, Oge Okoye stealing a mere dog picture that most people may not resist stealing has gone viral. Of course, she is not the only victim of this type of theft, a lot of Nigerians do that just that most have been not exposed.

Since a lot of people have been stabbing Oge Okoye with ugly words for claiming a dog picture belonging to US reality star Kenya Moore as hers  on  IG, her colleague, Chioma Toplis thought she could call her fake and  get away with it.

Chioma Toplis didn’t get the attention she might have desired but heaps of insults. One of Oge’s fans said “Who is the Chioma Toplis? What is Chioma Toplis? Somebody that cannot even act.  Oge Okoye didn’t do any wrong. Its obvious she likes the dogs.  Apparently, this Chioma Toplis just killed her non existing career. Foolish daughter of Jezebel.

Another said  “No be her fault na. the wannabe wan form ‘snoop doggy dog’. since it en vogue,every cele dey buy ‘nkita’ even pawpaw own dey like horse.” While another said “All her haters have found a forum to express their true feelings. Oge Okoye you better make sure you have nine lives. They’re coming. Don’t hide. Speak up. It’s worse if you don’t!!!