Just as I told yesterday, the drama between Kemi Olunloyo and Angela Okorie will take a while before it finally comes to an end.

After picking on each other’s yesterday, Angela continued again today with another heavy lashing calling the journalist a criminal.

She also went ahead to dare Kemi Olunloyo to provide evidence of the money she claimed to have collected from former president of Gambia, Yahya Jammeh.

Let’s be factual here,  aside daring Kemi for the evidence of transaction made between her and Yahyah Jammeh, Angela Defends  has not included her debunking the allegation of her sleeping with Yahya, which has got many believing that tale could be true.

This controversy is also used by the actress as a means of publicity, judging from the fact that nothing much has been heard about for a while prior the allegations.

Meanwhile, Kemi Olunloyo Silence is deadly, what goes on in her head can never be ascertained; her clap back might end up as a big blow that could hit Angela Okorie in a way she never expected.

See what Angela wrote about her: “Kemi Olunloyo I am aware I am dealing with a criminal and I also know you were jailed for drug trafficking in Tiny Caribbean island nation of Jamaica and attempted murder in Canada how you shot one of your boyfriend’s years back in Toronto Canada, 2007. You have four children with four different men and to think that your own father, former Governor of Oyo state disowned you due to your attitude and shame you brought to the family. I have been waiting patiently for you to release proof of your allegations towards me.  Nigerians tell her to present proof of the transaction as she claimed; I dare you to openly present proof of your allegation.”