One of Nigeria’s most sorts after comedian, Akpororo, aside just cracking people up with his comedy, has also been making many people laugh with various dance skills which he has also added to his many talents.


The comedian who has been involved in various gospel concerts on the streets and is about to release his first single soon has continued to show that God has been the brain behind his success and aside making people laugh with his comedy, people should also feel God in their lives.

Akpororo has graced various shows and his energetic dance moves has continued to earn him more accolades but not all his fans seems to enjoy the way he keeps exhibiting it.

The comedian recently got a feedback from someone made it known to him that he has been doing dance for the younger people while pushing the older once away forgetting that they are the ones who can afford to pay for his shows.

He was advised to use his dance to for a charitable cause to help people as this will further attract more fan base for him.

According to the feedback gotten from a concerned fellow, it reads, “Just a feedback from a fan that respects you. Your dance videos are cutting off an elite part of your fan base and they are the ones who can afford your shows. Try doing the dance for a charitable cause, then this can add up.”