Even though it is Christmas which is mainly for the Christians, celebrities in the entertainment industry has sent out Christmas cards to all their fans. Comedian Funky mallam has ceased the opportunity to send a message to his fans and to Nigerians even though he is a Muslim he still found it in his heart to send a message of love to all his friends who is celebrating the Xmas, see what he says

” Now that Xmas is by the corner and new year is peeping, let’s not miss use this festive season and engage in some worthless activities in the name of merriment. Have fun with you family and good friends.

Its a time for sober reflection so pray as much as you can, be generous, forgive and forget and cry as much as you can so as to remove all those tears of sorrow and sad moments and remain blessed.

Compliment of the season from TEAM SAEED FUNKYMALLAM.

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