For some one who makes his living as a comedian, it’s difficult to say which one of his jokes is his favourite. To be honest, we would not advise a comedian to make one or two jokes his favourite. Because it is certainly not funny to pay your way to an event and you hear the same jokes over and over again. This is what happened to some others and us not so happy fans of Warri-born comedian, I Go Dye. There is this particular joke I Go Dye seems to favour over all the jokes around (many accuse comedians of recycling jokes among themselves). The wise crack is about the conversation between a German Embassy official and artistes, I Go Dye inclusive. As the story goes, the female visa official had asked the visa applicants to answer her questions in German and except for I Go Dye the “smart” Warri boy he is, the other artistes failed woefully. Because of this only I Go Dye was granted a visa. We have told the joke in a dry fashion. When I Go Dye tells the joke, it is hilarious. But is this why he had to use this same joke at three different events? First was at Ibiza boss, Obinna Iyeabgu’s wedding, second was at the Abuja edition of Julius Agwu’s Crack Ya Ribs and the third was at the MTV Africa Music Awards (MAMA). Guys, new jokes please.