Just like Pot calling Kettle Black, is the case of comedian, Koffi who has gradually become a critic of entertainers.

The comedian in his recent post attacked so many artiste whom he disclosed that their career was dead gone.

Please, is Koffi making waves as he use to in the comic world? Now a singer, actor, Orator, no much difference is seen.

Well, his first target was Kiss Daniel, as he accused the woju crooner of always putting up a facade in the public but very arrogant in the inside.

Like the popular saying goes: ‘it’s easy to remove dirt from other people eyes while yours is even more than theirs.’

He said: “The fans see a sweet young man on the tube but behind the works the G worldwide king’s manager is killing the brand and a facade of humility is sold to the public, but the arrogance beneath is as hot as magma flowing from an expired volcano. Hot but soon becomes ash or turns solid stones that go nowhere when it cools off. I don’t know how these Artistes suddenly get the airs of “I too mush” and throw caution to the winds.”

As if that was not enough he veered into the business of Ice Prince, Chuddy K, W4, Ikechukwu and D’Prince who he referred to as wounded dogs that are no more relevant in the music industry whilst calling Durella ‘Dead’.

“This write up is not to attack the Lion but to let the people around him know that if care is not taken a wounded dog like Chuddy K, W4, Ice Prince, Ikechukwu, D’Prince (who is no longer here), will be better than a dead Durella.”

Speaking more, Koffi decided to shade Tuface Idibia who is referred to as a living legend due to his contribution in the growth of the Industry.

“King Tuface (2Baba) is barely churning out any hit songs but humility has got them going even if their concert wowo small.”

What do you think about his criticism?