Being an adult is hard enough, being a woman is even more complicated, pressure from everywhere to own the perfect body size and shape is a daily struggle.

Ladies now invest huge sums into cosmetic surgery which is focused on enhancing a patient’s appearance and it ranges from facial rejuvenation, tummy tuck, eyelid lift, liposuction, breast enhancement, bum enlargement, facelift, body contouring e.t.c.

An improved look definitely has returns both negative and positive. A woman with bigger butt size will most definitely draw more attention from guys than a lady with smaller size.

Comedienne Wofai Fada on NdaniTv’s ”Just Say It” says she’s angry women are not investing into fixed assets but rather doling out cash to doctors to make their buttocks bigger.

Wofai urges ladies to do moderate surgeries if they have to so that people can still recognise them