Nigeria female footballer, Chichi has been fighting back at bullies the best way she can.

While many give in to the bullying they receive constantly by cyber bullies, this lady isn’t buying any of that.

The bone of contention has always been her body as people often slam her for showing off her masculine body on social networks.

Although chichi was created by God as a girl, but physically she doesn’t in anyway look like a girl, and that had earned her several tongue lashing.

This time around, she is  out giving stern warnings to ladies to watch your man before she snatches them away.

Probably encouraging herself, she spoke saying, despite all the curves some ladies has, they would be surprise to see their man running after her.

In her words: “beautiful, sexy ladies with curves and figure 8, don’t doubt me, guess whose DM he would be sliding into, mine. He would bail on your figure 8 for me. Get your man before he becomes mine.”

Really? *Lips sealed*