Sultry actress,Chioma Chukwuka is well-loved by all and this because of her charming personae and decent roles in movies.

The happily married actress is one of the very few scandal-free thespians the industry boasts of and has remained so over time until very recently when the jacket of a movie she featured in,made its way into the movie market.

In the movie,the dark-skinned act was adorned in a 2 piece set of clothing,one was used to cover her b**bs while the other was wrapped around her waist,leaving her stomach and back bare.

Hardly had the movie hit the shelves that reactions started emanating from all angles over what many termed her new indecent dressing which isn’t akin to her lifestyle.Needless to say the poster took all by surprise,especially those who have known the actress and have fallen in love with her dexterity in acting,since her debut in movies.

However,the situation took another dimension when veteran actor,Chinwetalu Agu tongue-lashed the female act who is also an ambassador to some reputable brands in Nigeria,in an interview he granted recently criticizing nudity in Nollywood movies which is fast becoming a norm.

In his words: An instance is the recent poster of a movie I saw in Asaba where the so-called very good girl,Chioma Chukwuka-Akpotha,was half-clad.To my greatest shock,she was wearing only pant and bra in the poster.Chioma really went bizarre,I must admit.I don’t know if her husband actually approved of that posture

This situations has elicited different reactions from fans of both the movie stars,while some are in support of the veteran for his words,others are of the opinion that he went too far with it.

However,the actress in question has kept mum over the issue but her agency reacted to the story,alleging that the only part that belongs to Chioma in the jacket is her face which was photoshopped into another person’s body and have promised to take legal action against the producers of the movie titled”Lost Angels”.

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I’ll act ***e for good price—-Chiwetalu Agu