Beautiful Nollywood actress, Sotayo Sobola has given a rundown of her daily routine and it will surprise how these celebrities still make out time for their own personal stuffs apart from being on set every now and then.

She noted that her routine every day varies depending on what she has to do on each day. But one thing that is constant is that she ensures she does her morning prayer anytime she wakes up. 

Check out her daily routine,” I pray immediately I wake up. Once I am done with my daily meditation, I go through my phones and reply my messages according to their importance. After that, I do some exercises, freshen up and I have breakfast. If I am involved in a film project, I ensure that I wake up very early so that I would get to the set on time and rehearse my scripts. 

“When I am working, sometimes I forget to eat lunch and I try not to eat late at night either so once I get home at night after my shoot, I eat some fruits and I go to bed. If I am not on location, once I am done with my breakfast, I head to my studio to supervise what is going on there. I stay there till in the evening then I either hang out with friends or go home and curl up to a late night movie,” she said.

The actress who grew up in a polygamous family was never allowed to mingle with people during her growing up days.