Nigerian popular singer Paul Play previously known as Paul Dairo is not happy on how many musicians are being treated by stealing their work.

Many battles have been going on in a bid to end piracy and copyright infringement in the Nigerian entertainment industry but that is not forth coming.

Paul Play is also a victim of this criminal act as he said a telecommunication company in Nigerian used his song to promote Nigeria Idol in 2012 and 2013 edition, without his permission.

The Artiste had filled a N200 million lawsuit against the firm for using the song, well that didn’t yield any returns.

According to Paul Play, he said

“I did not go to the court on Monday but I was there during the previous hearing. Several attempts were made to settle the issue out of court, but it didn’t yield positive results. I had to head for the court. The last time I was in court, I was shocked to see that five cases were in court on copyright infringement before mine. It is high time this stopped. It is getting too much and people are being robbed of their sweat. I have done what I needed to do and I leave the rest in God’s hands. I know that the case is very clear; it is a case of someone using your music without your consent. The situation is not difficult to understand.” Paul Play fumed.

Recently the manager of King Sunny Ade has accused Small Doctor and Davido for using his client’s lyrics in their songs without seeking the authorization of the legendary singer.