How much does the film Regulatory Council take from foreign movie producers before they are allowed to release a movie in Ghana? Who takes the money?

Mr Samuel Ofosu Ampadu A.K.A Dobee, president of film Marketers Association of Ghana and the C.E.O of Dobee films has revealed to us that he has heard some Nigerian producers complaining that they have been paying as high as GHC 5000 before they are allowed to release a movie in Ghana instead of the stipulated Ghc 300 cedis.

He added that the film Regulatory Council which is the body for determining which movie should be released is supposed to price Gh 300 through the council bank account but not through individuals.

“You know there are a lot of movies released every week. What happens is that when the producers get the date to release their movies they swap with other producers who intend pay more. the only thing I will say about this Kickbacks is that in the world of bribing, both the broker and the buyer have committed offense , so the new producers and our brothers Nigerians complaining that they have been paying over Ghc.5000 before they are allowed to release a movie in Ghana should always try and pass through the right channel” he said.
Double D who has also been part of the producers who always pay more than the normal amount before he is allowed to release a movie in Ghana also confirmed and affirmed what Dobee said.

“The FRC is a committee made up of each rep of the film Associations we have in Ghana in the names of (FIPAG) Film producers Association of Ghana, Film Distributors Association of Ghana, film Marketers Association of Ghana,Film sellers Association of Ghana, Katamanto CD Sellers, Akan film producers Association of Ghana, Akan movie Marketers and distributors and what the committee does is that they end up sharing the date among themselves whether they have movies or not” Double D lamented.

“so since you the individual also needs to release your movie, you will have no option than to go and plead and in the name of pleading, you will be forced to pay a higher price’s, I have released 14 movies this year and I was giving my own date for just one of these movies’ I bought dates for the rest” Double D added

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