Nollywood actress, Cossy Ojiakor who has been spilling some scandalous secrets through via her Instagram page earlier this week took to her Instagram account this morning to continue exposing some ladies, believed to be Nollywood actresses, that she hooked up with the same wealthy man. They eventually betrayed her and she’s now addressing them indirectly.

“I have been entertaining you with juicy gossip…but today i need your help in choosing a xter name for Mr? Mr?…is a tall…dark…slender and handsome man..

You know say any man wey get money is super handsome to our eyes…anyway he is a stallion…and almost every girls dream man. based on his fat pocket. His good nature…and the way he uses his average DK with class.. He is a powerful public figure. A young billionaire abi trillonaire with connection so vast and wide that governor are on first name basis…..

“Bitch 1_IYANU. The Yoruba actress. Cute girly with slant eye that goes up person wey do face lift . baby no dey shake. . her Instagram account is still open. I told you this bitch is bold and fearless… Oloriburuku girl, she thinks she is a big girl..but I see the rat that bite the fingers that fed her… She owns a foundation.

“BITCH 2_ LOVINA …the lovey lovey one..this stupid one ain’t important.. With her dead career. I bet she owns one imaginary foundation too….. I won’t bother choosing a name similar to hers…so i call her LOVINA

“DELILA….The real juicy a*s mother f**ker_ Delila. The okada girl…The igbo actress with big fat juicy a*s… My baby…the one I campaigned for to take over .. The one I told secrets to make her succeed as the protocol first lady….they say politics is a dirty game…. COSSY ….i remain my humble self…THE PA ON SPECIAL DUTIES to MR? 2010_2011 tenure..The official and original protocol officer .. That started the journey with the Mr? Protocol recruits.. DORO….a fictitious name. A normal very rich girl. Public figure…who loves s*x so much…she is so rich and classy and scares men away.. She have a man in her life that have finger as D.


The aim…. Person wey work must chop. As he no buy that car. I go buy am myself with this proceed of this tell it all tale…. Hahaha ok…scratch that

The aim… To tell a true and original story with life changing events on the people involved and sort a good closure for the betrayal.”