Nigerian Nollywood actress Cossy Ojiakor is mostly popular for her body and fat behind she possess. The actress is angered and from the look of things she is like a wounded lion, which will not let go until she feels accomplished.

Cossy Orjiakor had before now threatened to expose a popular Nigerian pastor’s alleged affair with two Nollywood actresses last year, well she seems set to do just that now.

She claimed that she pimped several actresses to a pastor. Which one of the actresses boycotted her to become the pastor’s main pimp and as a result she was no more enjoying the pleasure of being the main pimp.

She revealed that, the pastor did not fulfill his promise of buying her a Range Rover but went on to lavish new found pimp with new cars and houses.

She vowed to expose him last Easter if he didn’t fulfill his promise and if controversial journalist,Kemi Olunloyo was not released.

Obviously, the conditions were not met, hence her decision to start spill. Posting photos of all three, she wrote;

I dislike a lot of people…. and Daniella Okeke happens to be one of them … Hahahaha sue me.

I dislike a lot of people … Iyabo Ojo just happens to be one of them …. Hahahha sue me

I dislike a lot of people…. Frienermies….. This Pastor just happens to be one of them……… Hahahha sue me.

If you recall, the journalist was arrested for writing a story alleging there was an affair between actress, Iyabo Ojo and Pastor Ibiyoemi. After Kemi’s encounter in the Port Harcourt maximum prison, she decided to abandon investigative journalism for opinion journalism.