Cancer is one of the deadliest diseases that is yet to have a cure and a lot of people  especially women die every day as a result.

Breast cancer is another form of cancer that is common among women. A lady who survived breast cancer shared a photo of what was left after the operation.

It is very important for every woman to constantly do a self-check on their breast in order to be able to notice any form of abnormal growth in their body particularly in their breast area.

Mammograms and screenings are effective (and should never be missed) but self-examination is just as vital to protect yourself.

When you are able to monitor your breast, know how it looks like and the colour , it will help you to be able to know when there are changes.

A breast screening program recommends these five ways to be aware of your breast in case of any development and they are:

1. Know what is normal for you

2. Look at your breasts and feel them,

3. Kniw what changes to look for

4. Report any changes without delay

5. Attend Routine screening if you are 50 or over.

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