Lagos High Court judge, Justice Deborah Oluwayemi, has ordered the immediate arrest of Nollywood actress and ex-beauty queen, Ibinabo Fiberesima.

The order of the court was sequel to the absence of the convict in court this morning, when the matter was mentioned in court. Her lawyer, Kemasuode Wodu, told the court that he had filed a stay of execution of the judgement of the court. Following this, Justice Oluwayemi asked, “where is the convict?” Mr. Wodu answered that she was sick and currently recuperating at the BMH Hospital in Port Harcourt, Rivers state.

The lawyer tendered a medical certificate which read: ‘To Whom It May Concern’. But this was rejected on the ground that it was not addressed to the court. Justice Oluwayemi frowned at the absence of the convict, adding that the application for the stay of execution of the judgement will not be heard until she is produced in court. The judge cited the cases of some convicts who are currently in prison, like Rev. King, to butress her point.

The judge also directed her anger at the Lagos State Director of Public Prosecution, Mrs. Olabisi Odugbesan, who said she was not opposed to a stay of execution of the judgement. The judge asked angrily: “Why did you file this suit in the first instance, if you don’t want her to go to jail?” She ordered that Ibinabo must be brought to court at the next adjourned date, adding that the order of the court must be obeyed and the judiciary respected.

Consequently, the court ordered the Lagos State Commissioner of Police to effect her arrest and remand her at the Ikoyi prison and bring her to court on the next adjourned date. Justice Oluwayemi also said the convict’s counsel will be allowed to move his application when the convict is brought to court. Thereafter, the judge adjourned the case till 24 March.