Famed Nigerian actress Lola Margaret who was recently arrested in Atlanta Georgia –United State seams set to serve time in an Atlanta prison even as some colleague (particularly those from the Yoruba segment of Nollywood) have been mocking the actress and blaming her over her ordeal and fans have already given her a new name that sounds like a movie title Wire Wire actress.

Investigations show that some of her friends and colleagues have been castigating her for aiding Yahoo Boys(Internet fraudsters) in defrauding foreigners of their hard earned money .

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Miss Margaret whom the Police say uses numerous names in the United States ran out of Luck when she tried to withdraw a large amount of money before being apprehended by the police. And nothing has been heard so far concerning her case.

Many a fan have been bashing the actress over her get rich quick attitude that has landed her in trouble . Jeff said “if she had succeeded she would have returned to Nigeria and gone for an expensive right and post them on social media.

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And another actor or actress who has spent 20years in the industry would be asking what is it that they are not doing right” while another fan, Ola prayed that that she spent a long time in jail “nonsense, they go to America and thing they can get wealth overnight.

She will smell pepper” on his part Gbagbe, said “see you in Nigeria after your jail term, nonsense