Nigerian Navy has confirmed that Instagram comedian, The Cute Abiola, is in its custody for violating the Armed Forces of Nigeria’s social media policy and not obeying orders.

The naval officer, The Cute Abiola born Abdulgafar Ahmad Oluwatoyin, was last seen on Monday morning after he left his residence for his office at Navy Town.

He was said to have spoken with his wife over the telephone upon arrival at the office on Monday, but several attempts to reach him afterwards were unsuccessful.

Reacting to the report, Director of Information, Navy Headquarters, Cdre Suleman Dahun, said the comedian was taken into custody for breaching Armed Forces social media policy.

“Cute Abiola is not missing. He is in custody for breaching Armed Forces social media policy,” the Navy spokesperson said.

The statement titled “Cute Abiola Is Not Missing – Navy” reads;

The attention of the Nigerian Navy has been drawn to an online newstory which claims that a naval personnel, OSCOMP Abdulgafar AA, who incidentally is a popular comedian known as Cute Abiola, has gone missing. The Nigerian Navy wishes to categorically debunk this false news report currently trending online.

OSCOMP Abdulgafar is currently under custody in his unit for breaching the Armed Forces Social Media Policy and refusal to obey particular orders. The Nigerian Naw wishes to avail itself this incident to remind its personnel to comply with the provisions of the Armed Forces Social Media Policy in their usage of social media platforms. The Policy, amongst others, is emplaced to protect their personal safety and security as well as the information integrity of the activities of the Armed Forces of Nigeria.

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The Armed Forces Act 2017 provides guidelines on social media use to curb undignified use of social media by members of the armed forces, especially acts that could render them susceptible to enemies’ trap or jeopardise ongoing military operations.

One of the slew of cautions in the guidelines is;

Personnel should not post their pictures or those of their colleagues in military uniforms, or pictures containing military structures, platforms and other military related items.

Military personnel are also required to warn their family members against controversial conducts on social media.

Personnel will be held liable for any security issues arising from postings in respect of them by civilian friends or relations.

The Cute Abiola’s arrest may not be unconnected to a video of him acting with a rifle and military uniform.

The video, according to the caption attached, was from a movie set.