For many who chastise the German juice crooner Cynthia Morgan, come in here and see that she has a juicy heart. LOL

Cynthia’s crazy hairdo and attire might not be appreciated by some, but trust me, aside her music, this is why some fans are really crazy about her.

The singer who most receives ill comments from cyber bullies hardly lets those negativity pull her down, as she is always hyper.

Recently, she is contemplating of adopting a 16 year old northern fan who goes by the name Mariam, to her, this fan is just like a family.

 In her words:  “This kiddos love for me makes me believe humans still love humans…True fan love…the realest love I have felt in a while. She is 16. From the north part of the country… she would pray for me anytime she sees anything about me on blogs. Even when my car got stolen, she told me ‘don’t worry ma, you’ll find it. Them no fit see your back boombah… I am praying for’. Isn’t that too sweet? Even while some people were praying I shouldn’t find it ‘smiles’..and when I don’t reply her messages for a week or two she never turn out to say “Bleep you Madrina” ‘smiles’ I think I am going to adopt her(God willing…she got a golden heart.)” God bless you Mariam. God knows I appreciate you.”