The Elegant THISDAY entertainment and Style Columnist Azuka Francisca Ogujiuba have made claims that the Afro Pop star D`banj sent thugs to intimidate and bully her in Nairobi, Kenya.

She says D`banj was obviously pissed becos of her negative review of his song `Mr Endowed` and her revealing story on his reduction of fees for his Glo endorsement deal from 60 million Naira to 12.5 million.
All these was revealed on her Saturday column Fairground. She reportedly gave him a tongue lashing wen he and his `thugs` tried to intimidate her.

She posted this on her facebook page…..
“`In far away NAIROBI, D`BANJ has sent his thugs 2 intimidate and bully me over a story l did lastweek on my FAIRGROUND column asking “If he is really Mr endowned or lacking songs” and how GLO slashed his fee as dia AMBASSADOR frm 60 million to 12.5million becos of his unprofessional conduct.

“`No b small thing, if d organizers of d event was not there, only God know wat wud ve happened…..
they were all carrying glasses of Hennesy including d KOKO GANSTER himself…and D`banj was acting like
a Don as his thugs bully me….

“`l told him to fuck off becos he cant make me like d useless song and dat if wat l wrote was fabricated,
he shud sue and not send thugs afta me…. we dey watch!!!!

D`banj is said to be on a sponsored tour of the Eastern African City and Azuka is on the team of Journalist covering the Gig