Popular musician D’banj (Dapo Daniel Oyebanjo) has made some revelations about his career. He said; “I have been busy with other businesses. I love to tell people that music gets you into the room.

But what you do once inside that room is totally up to you. You have known me for a long time and you know I have always been focused, and I was more focused especially when I became a family man. “

“This is my sixth year of being married, and since then I have looked for different platforms where I can invest and fly. If you Google Jay Z or search for the richest musicians in the world, you will see that only 10% of their wealth is probably from music.”

“All I am trying to say is that if you look at Kanye West now and you read that he is a billionaire, a further search will reveal that maybe $100 million of that is from music while the rest is from business.”

“It’s the same thing with Jay Z, and we need that here in Nigeria. Do we have the rights to merchandising because that’s what is going to sustain you as a musician? If you do, then you can do music. Of course, I already have my merchandise business and my luxury perfume is already selling.”

“That’s what has been keeping me busy. The music is forever going to be in me. I am still in music and going to do music for so long. But what can you do to keep it up? We grew up by not having anybody to look up to, but now the whole industry has us to guide and direct it to a right path.”

“Generally, I would say I love everybody. More so, I think the industry is going to such a level where we’ve always prayed. The new artistes are all extremely good.”

“So, on your question, I won’t say I am challenged by them because if you say ‘challenged’, that means I still have something to prove but fortunately I have nothing to prove to anyone any longer.”

“It’s my life and I am living it well. I’m not in competition with anybody. There’s none of these new artistes that will stand there and will not say that I’m a source of inspiration to their growth.”

“That’s what I love most. From Shoprite to many other big stores in Nigeria, my ‘Koko Garri’ is on their shelves and doing well.”

– Source: The Sun