The late rap artiste’s 2008 model Nissan maxima car ran into a parked lorry in front of Alakara Police station, Mushin and he died on the Thursday April 22, 2010. Issues were raised on the cause of his death and several causes have been reported but Doctors at the hospital where he passed on said he had a heart attacks seven times and he was revived each time but died when he had the eightieth one. He has been buried in a NGN150,000 casket with fans and colleagues turning out in huge numbers even with the change in time from 12 noon to about 9AM when it said.

The news now is his mom, Mrs. Olaonipekun blames the hospital for his death as she informs that “…They also said they didn’t have equipment for the stomach x ray. They said that blood started entered his brain but that they will suck it out. They did. They complained that he was not eating. The people at LUTH didn’t take good care of him. They gave him different food and his tommy was swollen. The nurses didn’t listen to any of the complaint because they claimed we shouldn’t teach them their job. They insisted on feeding him through the mouth even when he wasn’t digesting it. He gradually deteriorated and was not responding to signs and gestures. He wasn’t talking and in the evening of Friday, April 22, 2010 when he died, his body temperature was very high.”

Things you might not know about Da Grin.

Da Grin started out rapping in English but “I decided to rap in Yoruba because I understand it better than English. It is not that I can’t do English rap but I want to represent my origin and I rap in my mother tongue. I respect my colleagues that rap in English too”, Dagrin had said.

It must be general knowledge now that Dagrin was a phenomenon at the busy computer village in Ikeja, Lagos as a phone vendor after the release of his first album. Things went really bad then and he needed to survive. If you didn’t know, no thank you needed.

He started his music career on LEO records in 2006 where he released his debut album. He was with the label until 2008 when he called it quits. “I left after my contract expired and my first album didn’t even enjoy good promotion”, said Dagrin.

After his exit from Leo, he faced serious financial challenges. He forfeited the apartment that had been given to him by his label within their office premises in Magodo and he struggled to get a place of his own so took the ‘50 cent’( an artiste he takes as a role model) and went all out ‘hustling’ at the notorious computer village in Ikeja.

The Black Maxima car with which he had the accident was presented to him by his record label, Edlyne Records, and he had also send that the automobile has the customised plate number, Dagrin 03 because two bigger cars were on the way.

Until his death, Dagrin was just a school certificate holder with intentions of going back to school after taking his music career to a desired level.

Friends and colleagues agree that he was a Very respectful & humble before and AFTER he blew…unlike some other artistes.