Popular Lagos socialite, Dabota Lawson, is trying to pass a message across to someone many might presume is her billionaire husband as she never mentioned any name.


In a latest cryptic post, Dabota explained that the fellow in question has been going about saying bad things about her and it can be so annoying.

She stress that despite how the fellow says negative things about her, he still concludes it that he misses her. Dabota added that no matter what, she has made her decision and not going back to the fellow because she has moved on with her life.

“I know you are watching because you are constantly telling anyone who cares to hear anything you can to make me look bad then say you miss me. But whilst you stare at my pictures ,obsessing over my every move , know that I’m not going anywhere and most importantly I’m never coming back to you . I’ve moved on so Miss me with that BS,” she wrote.