The Founder and General Overseer of Living Faith Bible Church aka Winners Chapel Bishop David Oyedepo has been heavily scrutinized by Daddy Freeze.

The Nigerian OAP Daddy Freeze his always up against Men of God that seems to be living a flashy live, when the $40million Bombardier Challenger Private Jet surfaced online I certainly know Daddy Freeze will show his disgust.

David Oyedepo is currently the richest pastor in Africa and second behind Bishop T.D Jakes in the world.

In the statement issued by Daddy Freeze, the money should have been used to help the poor and needy as the poverty rate in Nigeria is growing higher every day.

“Nigeria just overthrew India, according to by having the largest number of people living in extreme poverty. India, despite her population at 1.3billion still has less poor people than we have and we are only 194 million. If this private jet spirituality makes sense to you, it doesn’t make sense to me”

He also said that the greatest commandment is to love our neighbor but he flies in private jets while his neighbors use public transport. Yet they tell us to obey Malachi more than what Jesus said that is paying of tithe.

“The greatest commandment Jesus gave us was to love our neighbors as ourselves. How can you claim to love your neighbor as yourself when you send a bus to pick your neighbor, while you ride a $40million dollar jet?
They tell us to obey Malachi…. how can you obey Malachi and disobey Jesus? Are you a Malachian or a Christian? ~FRZ

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