What will make Daddy Freeze insult famous American preacher, Kenneth Copeland?  We know that Freeze is always out to speak his mind but has he gone far this time?

Even though, no one has come for his head, we are wondering why he will say that Kenneth has a hell reservation. Pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo was the man he was referring to before he blasted the American pastor.

Freeze said “Someone’s definitely been reading my posts  – Bros was so quick to clap back at the people that dared speak evil of his bike, yet the ‘robust response’ he promised us is how many years overdue? – Do you blame these guys?

He blew hot “ See the rubbish Kenneth Copeland, that is praying for him, laying hands on his head, is spewing out of his mouth. “Commercial planes are full of demons”??? Just so that your sheeple can buy you a private jet?The place in hell reserved for Kenneth, is prime property. Just watch this space, their sheeple will soon start defending them and insulting me. – Only in Nigeria will prey defend the predators that prey on them! Imagine an antelope defending a lion that just ate her offspring. ~FRZ #FreeTheSheeple

Do you support Freeze in these utterances ?