This year’s two-day celebration of Tu Face’s Idibia’s birthday anniversary commenced, as we earlier reported, with a private beach party which held Friday at the Oniru Private Beach, Victoria Island, Lagos. Although it was a relatively short event, those present sure had a swell time whilst it lasted…no speeches, no talks, just drinking and partying.

The party kicked off with the arrival of the celebrant himself which threw the small crowd into a kinda frenzy…almost every body was shouting, “Tu Baba, Tu Baba”, even including some ‘press’ guys who got in the mood. Tu Face arrived in the company of Daddy Fresh in a white Nissan V6 around 6.55pm…

On arrival, the celebrant went around greeting everybody that cares…to be greeted. The greetings ended briefly with, “we are fourgether”, that came from the horse’s mouth.

After the greeting spree, Tu Face settled with his company to a light meal…the guy was famished, not thanks to his long sojourn through Lagos traffic. I haven’t stopped imagining how comfortable he was eating in the full glare of so much camera lenses.

After his light meal, the celebrant took to the dance floor where he was later joined, to the awe of the crowd, by Azadus and ‘the bushmeat might catch the hunter’ guy, Sound Sultan. Dance, they did until they could sneak out without drawing much crowd. The party which started about 7.05pm ended just about an hour later.