Passage: Romans 12:9

“Let love be without dissimulation.”

Message: Love Genuinely…

Dissimulation is defined as, ‘concealment of one’s thoughts, feelings, or character.’ This is interesting to note because often times our love for others grow cold when we begin to conceal our thoughts, feelings and character towards them. Concealment of such results in pretense;
acting as though everything is okay, yet there’re things that need to be addressed either to the person or within self. Sometimes an issue unresolved with one is projected towards another, as a result of thoughts and feelings being concealed.

Love is the evidence of transparency, we can’t love genuinely if we conceal our truth, especially when it’s something concerning the other, maybe something they did that hurt you.

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Also, if your feelings are concealed, that indeed you care, it would never be received because it was never given in the first place. We ought to go beyond the saying of “I love you” to expression through genuine actions.

I pray surrender of our hearts to God, we wouldn’t seek to be protectors of it, but in giving it to God, we’ll love freely and genuinely. Realizing that despite the pain, which may come from disappointments, God knows the true strength of our hearts, and we’ll be able to love regardless.

– Stephanie Ike

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